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January 2016

5 Tips for Homeschooling


Are you wanting to homeschool but just not sure how to get started in the middle of the year? This month, LHSHS would love to share our 5 tips for getting started in the middle of a school term. You'll see it's not hard; anyone can do it!

  1. Make it legal. Make sure that your child is officially withdrawn from school and then check your state's homeschool requirements and comply with whatever they require.
  2. Find direction. Take some time to research the different homeschooling styles and curricula. Read reviews, ask questions on the forums, and pick a program or mix of programs that best suit your student. It's wise to hold off purchasing until you know for sure that the curriculum will meet your student's learning needs and lifestyle.
  3. Make a plan. Use the multitude of resources available at and other sites to chart out what you need to accomplish in your first year, how you'll keep records, track progress, and how to best meet your overall educational goals.
  4. Find local resources. Explore everything that your local area has to offer a homeschooler: support groups, learning cooperatives, courses and electives, homeschool athletic leagues, community service options, field trips, internships, and dual enrollment opportunities. And then GET INVOLVED!
  5. Track your progress. One of the most important aspects of homeschooling is to keep good records, and for high school, that means transcripts. It's very important to give each finished course an appropriate credit. Online schools will often take care of this for you, but you may still need to create a master transcript for your student.

Jamie - one of your LHSHS Admins

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