Let's Homeschool High School Newsletter - Getting Your Feet Wet
April 2013

Getting Your Feet Wet


It’s very possible that you signed up for this newsletter because you are in the “thinking stage.” You know the one - - where you desperately WANT to take the plunge into the pool of homeschooling but you are wavering on the diving board pondering all the things that could happen if you jumped.

I hope, then, that you will consider LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com to be the calm parent in the middle of the water encouraging you, giving you reasons why you should feel confident, and being ready and willing to hold your hand when you finally launch yourself into the homeschooling world.

Not only are we there for you, but we have years of collective experience at homeschooling high school under our belt! All of the admins at LetsHSHS.com have either graduated one or more high school homeschoolers or are currently homeschooling their high schoolers right now. We are IN THIS THING TOGETHER!!

Plus, we’re proud to say that we’ve put together quite a bit of resources and tools for parents just getting started homeschooling a high schooler...or yes...still in the “thinking about it” stage, including:

If you are considering homeschooling a high schooler, or know someone who is, LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com is the perfect site to help get your feet wet. Come homeschool high school right along with us!

Your Admin Team at LetsHSHS.com


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