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April 2015

3 Ways a Certified Writing Teacher Can Benefit Your Homeschooler


After graduating two sons from homeschool, I’ve determined that one of the single most important factors of their post-high-school success has been the ability to write well. It was an aspect of their education that I could not, would not, leave up to chance. Even without knowing exactly what their future would hold, or where their plans would take them, I knew that being able to write clearly, concisely, and with correct spelling and grammar would serve them well.

For this reason, one of the programs that was an important part of our high school curriculum was Time4Writing. Even though I have a degree in writing, I determined that outsourcing some of my high schooler’s writing instruction to a certified writing teacher had at least three distinct advantages.

  1. It creates homeschool harmony. I mean, have you ever tried criticizing your own son’s writing?! It’s never pretty. But when the Time4Writing instructors gave my sons feedback, they accepted it willingly and actually looked forward to seeing what the teacher had to say about their assignments. Go figure.
  2. It fills in the gaps. There were areas of writing that I felt completely confident to instruct them in, and then areas - - such as preparing for the SAT essay - - that I was far less sure of. I loved that Time4Writing offered targeted help with a variety of course offerings.
  3. It instills confidence. With each Time4Writing course that my sons completed, they saw (and I saw!) measurable jumps in their writing skills. After completing the high school writing mechanics course, my younger son finally understood when to use apostrophes. And my older son breezed through a report on agriculture in the Middle Ages following his completion of the high school essay writing course.

I hope you get a chance to try Time4Writing at least once during your high school homeschooling years to see if a certified writing teacher might benefit you, too!

Kerry Jones, one of your LHSHS Admins

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