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May 2014
Plan B for Homeschooling

When Homeschooling Doesn't Work Out

When you began your homeschooling journey, did you envision making it all the way to the printing out of the diploma? Or did you take it on a year-by-year basis, with the understanding that you would continue only as long as things were going smoothly for you and your student?

For those who had planned on homeschooling through graduation, finding yourself with a student who suddenly wants or needs to switch back to public or private schooling can be at best a disappointment, and at worst, a signal (albeit an incorrect one!) that you've somehow failed.

The truth is that whether you've homeschooled for one year or ten, you've done something special for your child that an institution can never do - - you've expressed to your child that he or she is special enough to deserve an individualized education. You've also helped your son or daughter realize that learning can happen anywhere, at any time, and in so many, many ways.

Whether your homeschooler has decided it is important to them to test out the waters of public education, has athletic aspirations that are best served in a school environment, or needs to head back to the classroom because of financial or family issues, your role as his or her biggest supporter has not changed. In fact, it will be even more important during this transitional time to let your student know that you are still interested in every aspect of their education.

If you find yourself in the situation where your son or daughter is heading back to school, you might want to check out our article of tips on making the transition as smooth as possible. And don't hesitate to share your feelings about the change in our parent forum. After all, when homeschooling doesn't work out, it's not just your homeschooler who has a big change to deal with!

Kerry -- one of your LHSHS Admins

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