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June 2015

5 Ideas to Enrich Your Summer


Though homeschoolers come in all different styles, most high schoolers take some type of summer break. However, making the most of your high school career might mean a summer designed to enrich and fulfill your goals. There are many ways to accomplish this, but here are a few of our high schooler’s favorites:

  • Read! Try this “must read” homeschool high school reading list, or this list of books for 12th grade.
  • Work an internship! High school internships are a great way to test drive a career option and determine if it's a good fit for you. Internships will often double as a summer job as well.
  • Take a summer course! There are loads of great courses to choose from in our High School Curriculum Directory, but you could always take a dual credit course at a local community college to get a few extra college credits.
  • Reevaluate your goals! What do you want to accomplish in high school? Do you want to go to college? Will you have enough high school credits at your current course load?
  • Travel! Before college and life hit you with a massive dose of responsibility, take a trip to places you’ve always wanted to visit. Give it double duty and explore college alternatives or visit some prospective colleges while you’re at it!

Whatever your summer holds, Let’s Homeschool High School wants to help you through every step of your high school journey!

Jamie - one of your LHSHS Admins

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