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June 2014
Online Options for Homeschool

Options for Online Homeschooling

As summer approaches, we homeschool parents get into "review" mode. What worked from this previous year or semester? What didn't? What would we say was the most successful and least successful part of our homeschooling adventure so far? What would our high schooler say?

If you have more items in your "didn't work" list than in your "worked" list, it might be time to look again at your curriculum options. As online homeschool programs grow more and more abundant, they can be a strong potential solution for a student who has either outgrown or is bored with a textbook-style curriculum.

With online schooling, homeschoolers basically have three main options:

  1. Public virtual high schools. These are either public or charter schools supported by states or local school districts that are able to be accessed outside the classroom on the web. Because these are a viable public school option in many states, virtual schools are usually free to attend, although additional books and materials may need to be purchased. Students attending public or charter virtual schools are technically not homeschooling, but ARE able to do their school work from home.
  2. Private online high schools. While private online schools offer many of the same benefits of a public virtual school, such as offering comprehensive courses and a diploma, they are not state-specific and usually charge tuition in a range similar to physical private schools. Private online schools are usually open to any student worldwide. Click to view the directory of both public and private online high schools.
  3. Online homeschool curriculum for high school. If a student doesn't want to commit to a full online school curriculum, he or she can mix and match from hundreds of different online providers who offer single or multi-course online options. While these programs usually don't offer a diploma, they are great options for homeschoolers who like flexibility and being able to customize a curriculum for each student. Click to view the high school curriculum directory.

Kerry -- one of your LHSHS Admins

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