Let's Homeschool High School Newsletter - Summer Opportunities for Homeschooled Teens
June 2013

Summer Opportunities for Homeschooled Teens


As a parent, you may have reached the end of your official school year and decided that two full months of catching up on reading, fiddling in the garden, and occasionally moving the sprinkler from place to place on the yard sounds just about right. Your teen, however, may have a very different idea about what to do with their time this summer.

If your high school student is itching to fill their summer with activity, here are some suggestions for ways he or she could spend those not-so-lazy, hazy summer days.

Our local communities simply couldn't function without the self-sacrificial efforts of great people who donate their time. You can encourage your teen to make a difference AND build their future resumé by choosing a place to share their time and talents with this summer. Check your local newspaper, city website, or sites like Do Something to find out what opportunities are available.

Summer Job
While it isn't as easy as it used to be for teens to find a summer job, there are still some unique opportunities for young men and women who are willing to work hard. Local camps and YMCA's often hire teens to help out with all aspects of operations in the summer. Seasonal attractions such as theme parks, zoos, museums, and outdoor adventure camps are also in need of extra help during the summer months. Snag-a-job is a good site for discovering jobs that accept teens in your local area.

Building Skills
Universities and even community colleges usually offer great continuing education courses in the summer. Many of them would be terrific opportunities for a teen to explore an interest that he or she has been considering. Summer is also a great time to check out art, drama, woodworking, blacksmithing, or other creative courses in your local area that your teen might not have time for in the school year. Check out this article for other creative skill-building ideas for teens.

Enjoy your summer!

Kerry, LetsHSHS.com Admin

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