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July 2014
Hiring Homeschoolers

Are Homeschoolers Hireable?

If you follow the subject of homeschooling on the web and your social networks, you probably already saw the article put out by the HSLDA that went viral in June about NiSource, Inc., a Fortune 500 company that has a defined policy of not hiring homeschool graduates.

The reason that this story went so viral, though? Because it's highly unusual!

While we certainly have a right to feel indignant at a company that is strangely biased against homeschool grads, the very fact that this story crossed our radars is because it stands out against the norm. Although you won't see it as a headline on your local newsstand, homeschool graduates are successfully working in hundreds of different industries, and thousands of different companies, private businesses, and non-profits across the world.

In fact, if anything, being a homeschool graduate might just make a person MORE valuable as an employee. Why?

Homeschool grads are often out-of-the-box thinkers. Unhindered by mass-education, homeschoolers are often taught to find their OWN way of solving problems, examining truths, and exploring possibilities. This makes them ideally suited to helping companies come up with creative solutions and tackling challenges from new angles.

Homeschool grads weren't "taught to the test." Instead of learning for the sake of meeting a specific test-related goal, homeschoolers often learn for the sake of...well….learning! For an employer, this means that by hiring a homeschooler, they are hiring someone who still likely retains their natural curiosity about the world and is enthusiastic about applying their learning to their career.

Homeschool grads understand the value of self-discipline. By the time a student has graduated homeschool, he or she has usually taken over the bulk of the initiative for their own studies. This responsibility prepares a homeschooler well for the workplace where employers usually expect their employees to be motivated to complete tasks without the need for continual reminders or check-ups.

Kerry Jones, one of your Admins

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