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August 2014
Time4Learning High School

A Multimedia Homeschool Curriculum for High School

You want to know the strangest thing I realized this week? That as a first-year “homeschool-mom-alumnus”, I actually MISS the curriculum shopping season! The browsing of catalogs, websites, and directories to see what programs will be the best fit for the upcoming homeschool year. There was just something so exciting about picturing what the next two semesters would look like and what we would accomplish.

Looking back, though, it was probably the final two years of my youngest son’s high school adventure that were the smoothest, curriculum-wise. We learned a little over two years ago that Time4Learning (one of our favorite curricula for elementary and middle school) was opening up their program to high schoolers. We were over the moon, because as a visual learner, my son thrived on Time4Learning in elementary and middle school and we had found it tough since then to find a program that engaged him the way T4L had.

Once we were able to access the high school level at Time4Learning, we were thrilled at how interactive the program was compared to others we had tried. The multimedia style of the lessons, the trademark humor, and the user-friendliness for both students and parents were what kept us with Time4Learning right up until my son’s graduation.

If you’re looking for a curriculum that’s non-traditional and built for today’s 21st century student, check out the high school homeschool lesson demos at Time4Learning. You can find out what other families have to say about Time4Learning in our curriculum directory.

I’m honored that T4L is a primary supporter of I hope you’ll explore what they have to offer as you shop for curriculum for the 2014/2015 homeschool year!

Kerry Jones, one of your Admins

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