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October 2015

October Free History Resources


October is chock full of historical days... from October 1st when Henry Ford introduced the first Model T to October 28, 1886 when the Statue of Liberty was first dedicated. October is the perfect month to use special days to jump start your high school history studies.

  • October 3 - The conference which established the 'SOS' distress call began (1906)
  • October 8 - The Great Chicago Fire started (1871)
  • October 9 - Alexander Graham Bell made the first two-way long distance telephone call (1876)

Many homeschool families use current events or historical dates to do “topical interest” history studies. Create a timeline along with your history studies and your learners can gain a bird's eye view of history. The possibilities are endless.

  • October 11 - The first steam-powered ferry boat began operating between NJ and NY (1811)
  • October 12 - Columbus Day
  • October 17 - The San Francisco (Loma Prieta) Earthquake occured (1989)

In fact, LHSHS has a lot of free resources for teaching high school history located within our High School Curriculum Directory. If you're interested in studying Columbus Day in more depth, LHSHS even has Free Resources for Columbus Day!

  • October 19 - The final battle of the Revolutionary War was fought (1781)
  • October 21 - Thomas Edison demonstrated his electric light successfully (1879)
  • October 29 - The Stock Market crashed, leading to beginning of the Great Depression (1929)

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