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October 2013

Homeschool Me,


I'm on Twitter a lot these days. Not because I necessarily like Twitter, but because it's an important part of being connected with high schoolers. If you want to go where the teens are, you go to Twitter. Period.

What I see on Twitter on a daily basis would bring the hardest heart to tears. Teens pouring their souls out about the difficulties they face at school. Bemoaning bullies. Railing against social standards they simply can't live up to. Cursing thoughtless peers who have pushed them to the edge. Begging to be released from the daily pain, and begging -- to the Twitterverse at large -- not to have to go back again.

In fact, one of the tweets that I come across daily -- multiple times even -- is some variation of…"I wish my mom would just homeschool me." It even has it's own acronym -- HSMP (HomeSchool Me Please).

People can say what they'd like about how homeschoolers aren't "socialized" enough. I see what the current version of teen socialization looks like, and it's not anything to aspire to. If you've been questioning whether or not homeschooling is the right decision for your teen, then I encourage you to spend just one hour on Twitter checking out the simple phrase "please homeschool me". It will be the defining hour of your homeschool career -- the one that confirms that you and your teen have made the right choice.

I know it can be difficult for homeschooled teens to find a strong peer group sometimes. If your teen is struggling with loneliness, I highly recommend you have them read both "The Dangers of Loneliness" and "Making Friends in the Real World", two articles written by our homeschool graduate interns. You also might want to encourage him or her to join other homeschooling teens on our student forum and social networks. And if you, as a parent, are still unsure about whether or not your homeschooled teen is building strong social skills, I encourage you to browse through the various socialization articles on LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com.

Kerry Jones -- LetsHsHs.com Admin

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