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November 2015

The Scoop on Standardized Testing for Homeschoolers

What is a standardized test?

It is a test that requires all test takers to answer the same questions, and is used to compare a child's progress in learning.

Is there a difference between standardized tests and the ACT/SAT?

Both types of tests are standardized. However, the ACT/SAT is typically given in the Junior/Senior year of highschool while other standardized tests are typically required throughout a child's school career. The ACT/SAT is often used for college admission and the other types of standardized tests are mainly used for gauging a student's achievement and ability.

When are standardized tests given?

Standardized tests are usually given in the spring, however, for homeschoolers, the tests may need to be ordered or scheduled in the fall. Now is a great time to look into your student's standardized testing needs.

Why are homeschoolers required to take these tests?

Most often homeschoolers end up taking standardized tests simply because their state requires them to do so. States require this in order to have a third party opinion of the student's learning progress.

How do I know what my state requires?

Great question! Here is a link to standardized testing requirements by state. Some states do not require testing, others only require testing every few years. In any case, study what your state requires for homeschoolers and follow through if testing is required.

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