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November 2014
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Art, Music, Foreign Language - How to Homeschool Electives in High School


One of my favorite new terms that’s been added to the homeschooling “glossary” in recent years is outsourcing. Outsourcing basically means taking advantage of local homeschool cooperatives, tutors, and classes to enhance your child’s learning opportunities. And no part of the high school curriculum is more uniquely suited to outsourcing than electives.

If you aren’t afraid of getting creative, there are multiple ways to outsource high school homeschool electives such as art, music, and foreign language...

  • exploring courses offered by your local homeschool cooperative (co-op) - co-ops often offer courses by homeschool parents who have background in a specific skill
  • trading skills and resources - even if you don’t live in an area with a dedicated homeschool co-op, you can still find homeschool parents who may be willing to trade their know-how in French or tuba for your background in chemistry or computer science
  • taking advantage of local instructors - crafters, artisans, musicians, and teachers tend to love homeschool students because they have the flexibility to attend sessions during the school day, and because they can customize their courses for smaller groups and for specific interests
  • checking with your local community college - most community colleges offer courses open to the community under a title like “continuing education.” These are terrific sources for elective and enrichment learning, but do check to see if there is a minimum age requirement before enrolling

Of course, not every elective can be outsourced, so you may find that you need to rely on home-based curriculum for your high schooler. The curriculum directory has a large and growing section of elective choices to explore if you prefer to teach from home.

Kerry Jones, one of your LHSHS Admins

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