Oak Meadow Curriculum and School

Researching schools online and choosing an educational path for your child takes time and effort. With over 35 years of experience in homeschooling and distance learning, Oak Meadow provides an exceptional, independent education for high school students:

Oak Meadow High School

Our fully accredited high school program is built on strong academic standards, and reflects our commitment to meaningful and creative college and career preparation. While our dedicated teacher support and the assurance of accredited transcripts and a diploma are important, it is the quality of our courses and depth of our academic support that define the Oak Meadow experience.

Oak Meadow Courses

Oak Meadow students choose from a comprehensive and well-rounded selection of core and elective courses, including advanced placement and technical courses.

Curriculum materials are included in the tuition, and you’ll be able to communicate with your Oak Meadow teachers anytime to ask questions, discuss assignments, and receive feedback on your work. Students often work with the same teacher for several years, developing a productive and effective relationship. This active learning partnership is truly unique among distance learning schools!

Life Experience Elective Credit

To honor the richness of the distance learning experience, Oak Meadow encourages students to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Through our Life Experience Elective Credit program, you can earn up to one elective credit for these activities. Work experience, music lessons, sports activities, visual and fine arts classes, dance, and martial arts can all be applied toward your Life Experience Elective Credit. Students often use this credit to showcase two or more special interests or talents that they participate in over the course of several years.

The Oak Meadow Advanced Study Program

In keeping with Oak Meadow’s spirit of independent learning, juniors and seniors are required to participate in a self-directed Advanced Study project. This project earns credit and is an ideal opportunity for learners to engage in an exciting and relevant academic or professional study of their own design.

During this semester-long project, students have the opportunity to develop a particular area of interest by working with both a local mentor and an Oak Meadow Faculty Advisor. The student develops a proposal and outline for the course of study, including a reading list, assignment descriptions and deadlines, and final project evaluation measures. Regular communication with the Faculty Advisor provides guidance throughout the semester, yet students are truly empowered to create a course of study that is meaningful and relevant to their future goals.