Online High School Diplomas for Homeschoolers

As a homeschooling family, you’ll enjoy a greater degree of flexibility in planning your student’s high school years than the typical public school family would.  Your first step is to decide on a curriculum, and that’s a task best dictated by your child’s plans for after high school.  Is attending college part of the plan?  Check with the colleges your son or daughter is interested in to see what their requirements might be.  Is your child planning to enter the workforce or enlist in the military right out of high school?  Check on the details to see if a homeschool diploma or GED would be a better choice.

Online high school diplomas are readily available for students who want a diploma from an accredited high school.  These days, a homeschool diploma will usually suffice for most purposes, but the option exists to homeschool from home and obtain an online high school diploma too.

How important is an online high school diploma?

Diplomas, and to some extent high school transcripts, prove useful for more than college admission.  They’re used for enlisting in the military, applying for jobs and internships, and even earning the “good student” discount for a family’s auto insurance rates.  It’s also useful to have a transcript for the many scholarship applications that require one.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a high school curriculum is how easily the information provided converts to a high school transcript.  As a homeschooler, it’s your responsibility to keep accurate records and compile them into a transcript.  This will be necessary if your child decides to apply to college, or even to enlist in the military.

Some high school curricula lend themselves more easily to the process of compiling a transcript, and this should be considered in your decision-making process.  For example, if a short synopsis of what is covered in each class is provided, you won’t have to sift through the course material to determine what to enter on your transcript.  If you’re considering an online high school diploma, make sure a transcript will be provided.

Planning to attend college?

While the path homeschoolers follow through high school may be very similar or radically different than their public school counterparts, all applicants are in much the same boat when it comes to college admissions.  The big challenge, of course, is how to impress an admissions officer enough to receive an acceptance letter from the student’s school of choice.  But a homeschooler without a GPA, class ranking, or high school transcript poses a unique challenge to any admissions office.

Many colleges and universities these days are notably more flexible than in the past about evaluating homeschooled applicants.  Some accept portfolios of student work in lieu of the usual requirements, but a list of high school coursework, in one form or another, is usually necessary.  That is where a transcript comes into play, a written record of the grades received or aptitude achieved in each course or area of study.

Online high school diplomas serve many homeschoolers very well.  This option is worth looking into, especially if your child has plans for attending college.