Online High School Options

When it is time for children to go to high school there are many different types of school to choose from.  Of course, there are the traditional school settings such as public school and private school offer.  But if an alternative to traditional schooling is what you are looking for, consider online high school.

Types of Online High School Options

On option for online high school is an all-inclusive curriculum where all subjects are provided and administered by a remote school.  In this type of curriculum the school acts much as a traditional school in that course content is provided, as well as grading and record keeping.  Personal assistance is provided by instructors for the student.  This type of curriculum choice is generally the most expensive.

A second option for online high school is really just public school at home.  High school course work is offered by the public school through an administrative outlet.  Class assignments are often given through an online syllabus, and returned to the administrative outlet via email.  The cost for this type of education is more in line with traditional brick and mortar public school costs.

A third choice for online high school is community colleges and local universities.  Many courses are offered online as web meetings, where the class members gather in a virtual classroom during a specified time for lecture and class discussion, and then complete course work during the week on their own.  For this type of course work the student will often receive high school as well as college credit.

Another choice for high school course work online is to take advantage of free courseware from universities that are offered online.  Notably, MIT and Harvard are offering a number of courses that are not given college credit but would work well for high school credit.  The great thing about these is that the curriculum is free.

Online High School Considerations

When looking for online high school course work there are several considerations.  One of those is cost.  Some of the options listed are very expensive, others are free, and there is a range in between those two.  Another thing to consider is whether the entire course of study is offered and administered, or whether the courses are on an “a la carte” basis.

Each student and their needs are different.  It is important to know whether the student has the dedication to do independent work, because in the end, online high school requires the student to self-start, and push for completion.  Consider how much instructor assistance is offered for online course work.  If the student requires more instructor interaction then virtual classroom courses would be more advantageous than courses that offer content online but are not overseen by an instructor.

Advantages to Online High School

Finally, there are many advantages to online high school.  With internet access, coursework can be accomplished while travelling.  It is also a great advantage for students who are infirm or convalescing and are unable to attend more traditional school settings.   Online high school allows an alternative to peer pressure and bullying that are present in other educational situations.