Online Homeschool High School

Have you ever considered online homeschool high school options for your child who is entering their high school years? While there are many different options available to homeschooling families, online high school is one choice that is still fairly new to many folks.

Online Homeschool High School Choices

Traditional textbook and instructor style teaching, such as the brick and mortar school’s pattern, is one choice for your high school student, but that is far from your only choice. There are choices such as distance learning and online homeschool high school “virtual” type schools that are NOT a part of the public school system.

You might not feel comfortable teaching your child some of the classes required by your state in order to earn a diploma, so an online homeschool high school is a valid option. Another choice is to use the many free sites geared for high school students. You can mix and match resources to compile your own high school curriculum all via the Internet.

Online Homeschool High School Math

For example, if math is not your cup of tea, try using Khan Academy. They are one of the leading high school resources available, and they are free. KhanAcademy has many math videos your child can watch and rewatch as often as necessary. Your child cannot only watch, but they can also practice their math skills. The video lessons are great for the right-brained, visual learner and the audio learner alike.

Note: Math is not the only thing Khan Academy offers. They have over 3,400 videos covering math, science, computer science, finance & economics, humanities, and test prep.

Khan Academy is not the only great resource available to your online homeschool high school student. There are several other choices as well, each offering equally great free resources for your student.

Other Online Homeschool High School Resources

You may also want to check out free high school resources from places such as Hippo Campus, MIT Open Course Ware, NROC, Annenberg Learner, and Quia. There are many resources available; actually too many to even try to list them all. Create a spreadsheet at Google Drive and include these resources and others you stumble across. As you decide upon what courses your high school homeschooler wants or needs to take, you can easily refer to this document. What a time saver!