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    You have a lot of choices when it comes to your education. So why Arapahoe Community College? Because ACC provides the perfect environment for you to Do
  • Visiting colleges can be an overwhelming endeavor.  You, the homeschooled student, are probably looking forward to finding what will be your “home away
  • Hi everyone, Tia from “Where Homeschooling Meets Reality” here.  I’ve recently received a question from Katherine regarding homeschooling and receiving
  • What is the PSAT? Ever heard of the PSAT? Many homeschoolers haven’t, but its a test that can really benefit your homeschooled high schooler. However,
  • by Nicole McGhee, Administrator of the Homeschoolers in the Military Facebook Page For high school homeschoolers contemplating a military career, there are
  • There are two main standardized tests used by most colleges, the SAT and the ACT. The SAT is administered by the College Board, a nonprofit organization.
  • Homeschool Interview!

    What do you get when you have two sets of homeschooled sisters who are now homeschooling their own children? Well, you have a terrifically informative blog
  • Over the past decade homeschoolers have finally come into the recognition that they deserve. Individuals, colleges, universities, and even employers have
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    There are many questions about homeschooling, especially when you think about high school at home. One of the first questions to ask is can you actually do
  • Reprinted with permission from the blog Frugally Farming Family I am not teaching high school to my children yet, but I have taught high school in public