Post Graduation

Homeschool and Post Graduation

The goal of homeschooling in the high school years is, of course, to GRADUATE, right? So, what would a site about homeschooling high school be without tons of info on what’s NEXT. We as homeschool moms know that there isn’t one single answer to that question, either. Some of our children will certainly move right from homeschooling to college. Others will be excited to take a gap year to follow a personal dream or goal. Maybe you are a homeschooler who wants to head right into the workforce after graduation — or even start your own business! Perhaps the military is in your near future.

Whatever decisions you and your student make about post-graduation plans, we at want to provide as much help and support as possible. Here are just some of the resources we’ve created to help you plan for the future

Green Arrow RightInfo on all aspects of Higher Education including planning for college, choosing a college, and finding financial aid
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A large and growing list of Homeschool-friendly Colleges and Universities

Green Arrow RightArticles about all types and sorts of College Alternatives

Green Arrow RightGuidance for homeschoolers who are interested in Military Service after graduation