Various Ways to Homeschool: Blog Six – Mikey Salinas

Sixth blog on the various ways to homeschool already?! It’s the last blog in this series as well, so there won’t be a seventh. It was a fun series to do! Thanks to everyone who allowed me to pick their brains!

Today Mikey Salinas will be sharing his very interesting way of homeschooling with us!

Hey, Mikey! Will you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Miguel Salinas. Everyone calls me Mikey. I’m a junior in highschool. I’ve been homeschooled since 3rd grade. I’ve done Veritas Press since I was in the 4th  grade. I started online in 7th grade and I’ve done it ever since. When I’m not doing Omnibus, I am either playing guitar or piano, or programming. I like studying Philosophy and Theology during my off time.

Can you elaborate on programming?
I started off programming for PC and basic stuff. When I got my Mac, I started programming for iPhone and my Mac. I currently have one app in the iTunes store. I’m working on two apps now, one is a game and the other is like a simple calendar.

That’s really cool! Yeah, I have your game, Scribble Stack, on my iPod and I cannot get passed this ONE certain level! Haha! So, tell me about your daily schedule.
On Mondays and Wednesdays, I get up around 7:00-ish and do homework. I have Rhetoric II at 8:30 and that ends at 10:00. Physics starts at 10:00 and goes to 11:30. After that, I have 15 minutes of break time. 12:00 to 1:00 is my lunch break. At 1:00, I have Omnibus Secondary. It ends at 2:30. After that, I just spend time doing homework. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I wake up around 7:30 to 8:00-ish. I start working on homework until 11:30. 11:30 to 1:00, I have calculus. From 1:00 to 2:30, I have Omnibus Primary. The rest of the day I have homework to finish. When I finish my homework, I obviously have free time. Fridays, I have homework when I get up, but for the most part it’s practicing a lot of piano. I have piano from 2:30 to 5:00.

Do you take any classes outside of home?
Other than piano, no.

Are most of your classes literature-based?
Omnibus would be the closest class I have to literature-based. It’s mainly history, theology/philosophy and literature.

How flexible is your schedule?
Not very flexible. I really can’t miss my classes because they are online at a scheduled time. They’re live classes, so it makes it difficult to be flexible.

When do you socialize?
I socialize whenever I get the chance. At church, youth events, homeschool group hang outs, and friends are always over at my house.

What subject is the easiest for you and why?
Definitely math. I used to be slow but after so much “training,” I tuned my skills and started liking it. A lot of things I do involve math, like programming and music.

What subject is the hardest for you and why?
Omnibus is definitely my hardest subject because it’s such a large course. The reading has a very rigorous schedule. We cover lengthy books. This year we covered Saint Augustine, who I fell in love with immediately. This book was ginormous, but I’m beginning to enjoy the course because of those like Saint Augustine.

Do you take breaks during a school day?
Yeah, I take 15 to 30 minute breaks during school other than my lunch break.

How do you think homeschooling has benefitted you?
It’s definitely benefitted me academically. But that’s a given. It’s made me able to talk to people about subjects I never expected to enjoy, such as having conversations about Plato’s Republic, The Epic of Gilgamesh and a whole bunch of stuff. I’m very grateful to my parents for putting me in this. I couldn’t imagine my life without having read all these books that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. The knowledge of Theology has definitely helped me spiritually. Having a more complete knowledge of God has really given me a purpose and a path that I have on this earth. Reading a lot of Theology like J. L. Packer and Saint Augustine has benefitted me more than I can express with words. It’s given me a clearer purpose. Homeschooling has benefitted me with my hobbies as well. It’s given me time to research things like programming, and sometimes it even incorporates my hobbies, like math and programming. There have been times we’ve had to program in math class. It’s helped me also learn self-motivation because I’m naturally a lazy person.

If you had the choice to be homeschooled or go to public school, what would you choose?
I get this choice every year. Obviously, it’s been homeschooling. I hope it stays homeschooling because, for me, homeschooling is the best option. 

Any plans for the future?
Yeah, definitely. There’s a handful of colleges I’m looking into. University of Dallas and UT Austin. My dream colleges are MIT and Stanford. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do exactly but I’m thinking about a degree in mathematics. I’d love to be a musician, but that’s not very probable.

Thanks for doing this interview, Mikey! 

Again, thanks to all my friends who allowed me to get to know them a little bit more through how they homeschool! Hannah Gonzalez, Kc Hughes, Tanner Wilson, Erin Salazar and Mikey Salinas!

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