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If you’re new to homeschooling or even a veteran, you may have heard of homeschool co-ops. There are all kinds of co-ops, from food co-ops to, my personal favorite, class co-ops. This post is going to be able class co-ops, because that’s what I’m more experienced in.

Every Monday, I get up earlier than usual so that I can get ready for class. In my co-op, there are four periods for four classes, each one hour long with the exception of a couple that start half an hour early than the rest. I’m in all sorts of classes, but I can tell that I’ll definitely learn a lot even though I don’t want to.

There’s a lot of good things about class co-ops. For one, it cuts down on your parent’s stress. Seriously, it does. They don’t really have to worry about teaching you everything and if your mom or dad isn’t good at English or Math, you can just take an English or Math class and maybe learn more than what your parent would teach you. Also, I’m really into languages so I can learn a lot more about them and such if I go to these classes.

There are some teachers you won’t like, and there’s a lot of aspects of class co-ops that might be like public school. But, most homeschoolers are nice and I don’t think you’ll run into bullies. So don’t worry about that.
I think the best aspect of this is probably the socialization. It’s just fun to talk to your friends, let’s be honest. And most teachers are cool with the whole talking thing, especially when you’re waiting for people to come to class. So, the socialization is good, right?

But, make sure you do your homework and don’t procrastinate it because that’s never good. You’ll always be rushing to catch up. On that note, I’m pretty sure I need to go finish my homework. Anyways, if you have any other questions regarding co-ops, ask on the forum or on the Ask A Homeschooler page.


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