Saxon Math High School

Plenty of things change once a child begins high school, as if there’s some imaginary point of no return that’s been crossed, and sometimes their curriculum may need to change to keep up.   Math is an important subject with lots of considerations to keep in mind when choosing a curriculum.   But when you boil it all down, you have to go with what works best for your individual child, not what works for your friend’s kid, or even what got the best professional reviews.

Using Saxon Math High School

By high school, many homeschoolers have developed their independent-study skills to a high degree and don’t require much input from a teacher or parent.   An independent study program may work well for these kids, and Saxon can definitely be used on an independent basis.  Similarly, high schoolers have different learning styles, and homeschool curriculum should be chosen according to the method by which they learn the best.  Review the Saxon teaching methods to make sure they’ll work for your student.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to include your student in the decision of choosing their high school curriculum.  Not only will they be more inclined to do their best work, but high school students have an innate sense of what will work for them, and what won’t, that shouldn’t be ignored.  Saxon math high school works extremely well for many homeschooling families, and especially for those who have used it for many years already, it can be an excellent choice to continue with in high school.

Has Saxon Worked For You?

Sometimes the best approach is to stick with the program you’ve been using.  If a certain homeschool curriculum has worked well for you, and it’s possible to continue through the high school years, why not?  Saxon math high school is no different.  They have math curricula for K-12, so many folks have been using Saxon successfully for many years by the time they reach high school.

For other people, entering high school is a good transition point to begin a new program.  Maybe what you were doing before isn’t a good fit, or maybe your child needs more of a challenge?  Switching to something new may be your best bet.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a high school curriculum is how easily the information provided converts to a high school transcript.  As a homeschooler, it’s your responsibility to keep accurate records and compile them into a transcript.  Saxon math is one of the easier programs to document on a homeschool transcript because it comes with all the tests, quizzes, and record-keeping is simple.  This is helpful so you won’t have to sift through the course material to determine what to enter on your student’s transcript.