Creating Your Monthly Planning Calendar

homeschool monthly planning calendar

Scheduling Your Monthly Planning Calendar

After looking at all that you would like to accomplish in the school year with a wide view of the whole year it is a good idea to start breaking it all down. At this point, you have either already ordered or are in the process of ordering the curriculum that you plan to use and also the supplies needed for each class. Next, it is a good idea to separate the days you have chosen into quarters and create goals for each quarter and then divide the content for each curriculum into four parts.

Are you a homeschool mom that loves office supplies? Bullet Journaling is a fun and creative way to take out those colorful pens or pencils and jot out the month. As high schoolers it is also a good idea to get them involved with the process. If they are new to homeschooling there is a guide-Homeschool High School And Beyond, to help get them thinking about their future. 

Maybe the simplicity of having it all online in one place is more your speed. Google is the perfect way to plan out your month. It also helps that you can “share” the monthly calendar online with your teen. If you have more than one student you can color code the assignments or even create a calendar for each student. It is especially helpful because when you are out and about doing other activities you can look at your phone and see what it planned or type things in if there is a change of plans. Here is a blog with in-depth instructions on using Google for monthly planning- Lesson Plan with Google Calendar

Planning it out

Now it is time to sit down with your pen/pencil/or keyboard (or whatever works for you) and record the goals and priorities for the upcoming month. Break down what needs to be accomplished with each curriculum you are using in order to finish what you want by the end of your school year. The goals should be specific and measurable. One thing I have learned after many years of homeschooling is that perfectionism and overcomplicating things can sabotage you. If you need to then definitely keep it simple. A basic plan is better than no plan and can at times even be better than a complicated one. 

Often a good way to organize your month is by using either block scheduling or loop scheduling. Both are great ways to make the most of your valuable time. With block scheduling, it is similar to a college schedule. The student may work on composition and grammar, history and math for one semester for a couple of hours for each class each day. The next semester the subjects would change and they would concentrate on those particular subjects. When the year ended they would still have the credits they needed for their needed classes because they worked more hours on each subject in fewer months.

Loop scheduling is also a good way to plan your learning needs. You first make up a list of subjects and resources. Typically a certain amount of time is set aside to work through the loop each day. When you start back up the next day the student continues where they left off. It’s a great way to keep up with all of the things that oftentimes do not get done in a day.  More details about these types of scheduling with be when we break things down smaller.

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What’s Next?

Additional homeschool planning! After looking at what needs to be done each month, it will be time to break things down even further-