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  • The First Difficult Year

    This post was reprinted with permission from the Time4Learning Community Blog Whether your kids have attended school somewhere else, or you’re starting to
  • The Entrepreneurial Homeschooler The word entrepreneur is one of those words that are difficult to say let alone spell, and the meaning… well, most of us
  • We’ve been working toward this for 12 years, planning, preparing, scheduling, and even shopping. It’s been a long time coming, but now that we’ve come to
  • From athletics, to prom, to honor societies today’s homeschoolers have more options than ever! The homeschool high schooler works hard and often has to be
  • Writing the College Admissions Essay

    Writing a college essay can be one of the most frightening high school experiences. In fact, one can never know what to expect from a college admissions
  • What is a homeschool co-op?

    So, what exactly is a home school co-op? It is a rather baffling idea for someone new to the homeschooling world. Well, let me answer that question as
  • Save money and time by getting college credit while homeschooling high school My oldest daughter is graduating this year, and I must admit that it has me a
  • Heroic Homeschooling

    A reader and fellow blogger recently commented that my homeschooling was a heroic act. I protested, but she pressed, giving me a hurrah for following my
  • when Hannah hit high school, I realized I needed a more organized way to keep her credit information. I developed a system that has worked really well for us...
  • While the path homeschoolers follow through high school may be very similar or radically different than their public school counterparts, all applicants