Finally…a BREAK!! ♫

It’s finally here.  We’ve worked, and worked, and worked for the past three months…and just when we thought we couldn’t tease any more energy out of our tired brains…winter break is here!  The first semester of school is over!

Whether you’re in homeschool, your first semester of college, or your last year of college, I’m sure you’re rejoicing!  All your hard work for three grueling months have paid off.  No more last minute papers!  No more late night studying!  No more ripping your hair out over tests!  Well…at least “no more” for a few weeks!  Still, it’s amazing what a few weeks can do to re-energize a person!

Now here’s something I’ve realized with several homeschoolers: Unfortunately, you guys often don’t get a two- or three-week break for the holidays!  When I was homeschooled, I always had a two-week break, so I kind of thought others did too.  In fact, I pretty much lived for winter break because I worked so hard during those first three months.  So, if you’re a homeschooler and you only get a few days off, here are some ways to take full advantage of them:

Pick up a pleasure-reading book – one that you have been waiting for months to read (but haven’t been able to because of school books).  Make sure it is one you know you can devour in a couple of hours or at least your allotted holiday time.

–OR, if you can’t stand to look at another book on your holiday time because you’ve been reading so ridiculously much for school…turn on the T.V.!  If you’re anything like me, you hardly have time to watch any movies with the family during the school year.  Sit down with a hot cup of cocoa/coffee/tea (whichever floats your boat), a cozy blanket, and watch one of your family favorite Christmas movies.  Or, perhaps just a movie in general.

Go to the movies!  Winter break is an awesome time to hit those so-often-missed matinees because of your hectic school schedule.  I always try to go to matinees because they’re SO much cheaper and hardly anyone goes, so there’s always great seating.  Admittedly, the night crowd is more fun…but…if you’re more concerned about keeping your wallet padded, hit up the matinees.

–Take this time to conquer that level on the video game you started during the summer.  Or, beat your siblings in a Mario Kart marathon.  I’ve heard it both ways.

Go Christmas Caroling!  No, this is not old fashioned – we try to do it every year with a group of friends.  The people we visit absolutely LOVE it.  Here are some tips: Only approach homes with porch lights on, driveways shoveled, and a cheerful-looking atmosphere.  Also, you could be extra nice and give them a plate of holiday cheer (also known as cookies).

Go looking at Christmas lights!  This is a family favorite of ours – we pack everyone into the car with a couple carafes of hot cocoa, and head to the places in town with the most Christmas decorations.  Usually these places include R.V. parks, Little America truck stops, and the Country Club.  Take a few hours to drive slowly through the parking lots and neighborhoods, just oohing and ahhing at the pretty decorations.  Teenagers: no, this is not lame.  No, you do not need to roll your eyes.  Please be a good sport and enjoy it while you can.  Take advantage of the small blessings and joys while they are in your life – you never know how fast or drastic your life may change in a few years.

So, there are some tips for enjoying your winter break!  I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season, and are able to completely re-energize for your spring term!!  Happy Holidays!


Tialla Rising is a homeschool graduate and a published author. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her amazing husband, where she enjoys reading, Netflix, writing, and more! Visit her website at

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