Yes You Can!

Homeschool and Getting Started
The questions are swirling…

Question mark icon“Can I really get into college if I go to homeschool all the way through high school?”

Question mark icon“Will I be able to teach my son or daughter subjects like physics and calculus at home?”

Question mark icon“Can I have more independence and choice about what courses I take if I homeschool?”

Question mark icon“Will I be able to figure out how to make my own high school transcript?”


The answer to all these questions…and MORE is….


Tens of thousands of homeschool graduates are at this very moment:

  • going to college
  • working as engineers, teachers, veterinarians, commercial pilots
  • volunteering as English language teachers in India
  • serving in the Navy
  • writing books
  • starting their own computer repair business
  • saving whales
  • serving as missionaries in Honduras
  • and even homeschooling their OWN children! And you can, too!! wants to be part of your support team as you homeschool during the high school years. Our site is designed to encourage you, give you information about curriculum, point you to homeschool-friendly colleges and universities, link you to homeschool high school bloggers, point out college alternatives, support homeschoolers with special needs, and most of all…create a community for parents and students that supports one another as we do this TOGETHER!!