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Hi everyone! Kaitlyn from Ramblings of a Homeschooled Girl here! This week I received a question from a freshman. Check it out:

“I have a ton of interests. A ton. I’ve been playing flute for years, I’ve done drama for years. I love to sing. I love to write. I’m an avid reader. I draw portraits all the time. My mom wants me to become a touring solo flutist. I don’t know if I want to give it all up for that. I love flute. But I love all those other things too. How do I decide? I’m a freshmen in highschool, so this is when I should be figuring out what I might do, and putting my time into it. But my mom just wants me to put all my time into flute. Suggestions?”

We all want to respect what our parents want us to do, but if you feel or know that the path your mom wants you to take isn’t right for you, then sit down with her and talk to her, let her know how you feel about it. I cannot predict her reaction considering I do not know your mom. She may understand, but then again, she may not. I don’t know.

On a different note, please understand that many people have several hobbies, but they “specialize” in one or two. For example, I love writing, reading, painting, dance, piano and music in general, but I am primarily a writer. Reason? It’s my specialty. But who’s to say I can’t write and play my piano? I know of an author who is first a writer, secondly a painter/drawer and thirdly a musician. She uses her artistic hand and musical talents to aid in promotions of her books, making stop-motion book trailers and giving away guitars she drew on with permanent marker (they are super awesome, by the way) in contests. You can use your many talents through one thing, if you choose. That is what I do. I focus on my writing and all my other hobbies encompass it.

Onto making your decision. This will be tough on you, I’m sure, as you embark on this journey called life. We all need to choose what we want to be when we grow up. For many people, that’s like asking them to choose a favorite child of theirs. It’s almost like you can’t do it. But I have news for you: You don’t have to.

Yep. That’s right. You don’t have to make a hard decision. Think about it. What do you enjoy the most? Don’t sit there and say, “Well, I like them all the same.” That’s crap. When you’re bored, what’s the first thing you want to do? What makes you smile even when you really don’t want to? What’s a great stress reliever after a long, hard day? What do you go to bed thinking about? Your passion.

Now forget that for a second, because if money trumps your passion, as in, you would rather make a pretty penny than do what you love, then I suggest researching all your hobbies and finding the one that makes the most profit. I don’t recommend this at all because you should do what you love. If you do what you love, your life will be much easier. I really believe you’ll have less regrets.

Ask yourself this: “Which one of my hobbies makes me the happiest?” And you should choose a career that flatters that hobby.


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November 15, 2012


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