How Does ONline Middle School Work?

Rising Middle Schooler? How Does an Online Middle School Work?

May 28, 2020

Are you thinking of exploring an online school? Is this the correct time? You are probably undergoing a feeling of excitement, confusion, and anticipation, all at a time. A number of questions might be surging up in your mind. Will I have a schedule? Do I have to go to class? How will the parents […]

How to Help Your Teen Choose an Instrument

How to Help Your Teen Choose an Instrument

April 21, 2020

Guest post by Jennifer Hughes Adolescence is a difficult time for anyone. It’s a time of great character change, social pressures, and of starting to find one’s place in the world. For many teens, the ability to express these difficulties by playing a musical instrument is immeasurably rewarding. Though your child may be discouraged for […]

Homeschool Planning Strategies

3 Simple Homeschool Planning Strategies To Prevent Burnout

April 17, 2020

The total amount of homeschoolers has doubled in the last 20 years. This means that twice as many parents recognize this approach to learning as effective, and more importantly, they have found what works for their children and were able to create an effective environment for homeschooling. However, does this mean that homeschooling is easy? […]

12 Tools to Perfect Foreign Language Learning

12 Best Online Tools to Perfect Foreign Language Learning

April 15, 2020

Learning a new language is an adventure that tests your patience and dedication, but if you persist, it rewards you handsomely in the end. Whether you’re the type of person who struggles with languages, having trouble concentrating while you study, or you don’t experience these issues, but you’re looking for new effective ways to practice […]

Scholarships for Homeschoolers

Scholarships Ending In April, May, June 2020

April 1, 2020

Just because you homeschool doesn’t mean that scholarships are off-limits to you! Homeschoolers qualify for scholarships in the form of student federal aid as well as individual private financial aid. This type of aid is what we’re focusing on with this month’s teen scholarship post. In fact, applying for and being awarded scholarships is a […]

7 Ways to Help Your Homeschool Cope with Study Stress

7 Effective Ways to Help Students Cope with Stress During Studies

March 29, 2020

  Stress is something common and every human experience it during his lifetime. However, it is your perspective on the situation that can change the way you perceive stress. Students can easily be stressed by the chaotic schedule or by the assignments they have to do. And as a student, it is hard to be […]

skills for a job application

Qualities Employers Are Seeking in Job Applicants

March 26, 2020

 Qualities Employers Are Seeking in Job Applicants As your teens think about heading out to the “real world” they should be thinking about employment and what it takes to be employable. Even if college is not an option, an aptitude for working for someone and with other people will be a big help to them […]

8 Ways to Prepare Your Homeschooler for Standardized Testing

8 Ways to Help Your Homeschooler Prepare For Standardized Testing

March 19, 2020

Homeschooling is a great way to have more proactive involvement in your child’s education. But depending on the circumstances, your teens may be required to take some form of standardized tests. Or you might just want a better understanding of where they’re at academically. Either way, you’re no doubt wondering how you can prepare for standardized […]

Top Proof Writing Tips for Teens

Top Proof Writing Tips for Teens

March 15, 2020

Teenage writers often struggle to self-edit the things that they write, especially at the beginning of their writing process when they’re still unfamiliar with editing rules. It can be challenging to proofread and edit because teens feel passionate about each word they chose and they don’t want to admit it could be improved. Writers who […]

College Admissions Essay Topic

How to Find the Right Topic for Your College Admissions Essay?

March 5, 2020

 The element of the college application process that many students find to be the most stressful is writing the admissions essay. Yes, the admissions board will be judging your general understanding of and aptitude with the English language, as well as whether you have anything interesting or original to say, and you’ve only got this […]