Download: Homeschool High School Diploma Templates

High School Diploma Templates

The following high school diploma templates can either be printed out (as is) via pdf, or, can be filled out using the interactive forms tool in Adobe Reader. To fill out in Adobe Reader, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose your favorite high school diploma template from the options below, and open it in an updated version of Adobe Reader.
  2. Click on “Highlight Existing Fields” after opening the document in Reader. All fillable text fields should now be highlighted.
  3. Click on the “Sign” tool to open the Sign frame on the sidebar.
  4. Click inside any highlighted text field to begin typing. You may use the space bar to move your cursor where you would like to start typing.  You may use the default text, OR, click on the “Add Text” menu in the Sign frame to customize your text.
  5. Clicking on the “Tab” key automatically moves your cursor to the next highlighted text field.
  6. Use the “Add Signature” tool in the Sign frame to add your customized signature to either or both of the Parent’s signature fields at the bottom.
  7. Once you have completed adding all signatures, click on the “Done Signing” button in the Sign frame. (Make sure that all your text on the document is correct and there are no typos before clicking, because this step will merge the text to the document and make it ready for printing)
  8. You may now use the Adobe Reader printing tool to print out the high school diploma document on the printer of your choice. We recommend printing on specialized document paper, easily purchased at any office supply store. This paper will retain the color and clarity of the ink over long periods of time, which works well for documents that will be saved or framed as keepsakes.


High School Diploma 1

(click to open in Adobe Reader)

 High School Diploma Template Doc 1

High School Diploma 5

(click to open in Adobe Reader)

 LHSHS HS diploma 1

High School Diploma 2

(click to open in Adobe Reader)

 High School Diploma Template Doc 2

 High School Diploma 6

(click to open in Adobe Reader)

 LHSHS diploma 2

High School Diploma 3

(click to open in Adobe Reader)

High School Diploma Doc 3

 High School Diploma 7

(click to open in Adobe Reader)

 LHSHS HS diploma 3

High School Diploma 4

(click to open in Adobe Reader)

 High School Diploma Doc 4  High School Diploma 8(click to open in Adobe Reader)  LSHSH HS diploma 4



March 5, 2013


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