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Hey, everyone! Kaitlyn from Ramblings of a Homeschooled Girl here! Check out this question I received from Robin!

“I was planning to start homeschooling and my parents said as long as everything’s free they have no problem with it. So I’ve been looking at online public schools and there’s only tuition based private schools for my state. I was wondering, is there another way I can be homeschooled without an online school?”

There certainly is! There isn’t just ONE way to be homeschooled; there are MANY! I’ll tell you about my homeschooling experience through high school as an example (I just graduated this month, by the way)!

Throughout all my high school years, I used different curriculums for different subjects. Saxon for math, Abeka for history, Apologia for science, and Sonlight for literature and English, to name a few. Granted, you don’t have to mix and match curriculums if it makes you uncomfortable. If you’d rather do all the subjects in the Abeka curriculum, go for it. That’s the point of homeschooling! You do what works best for YOU! (Here is a link to our website’s curriculum directory! Check it out!)

Depending on the state you live in, homeschooling laws will differ. I live in Texas, and homeschoolers are actually extremely free to do things as they wish, as long as they’re being educated. We have to take the same college entrance exams anyone else here has to take, and if you pass, well, you pass! This proves you were educated! Congratulations! Some states, though, are not so lenient. Some require your work be sent in to assigned “teachers” for grading.

As for finances, homeschooling is going to cost a little of something—it won’t be completely  free—but you can find great deals for textbooks, DVDs, and CDs online at different websites! I honestly can’t think of any kind of education that is “free.” If there is, I am not aware of them, so please let me know! All I can tell you is that homeschooling WORKS for many, many reasons! Here is a list of a few perks to being homeschooled:

  • Flexible schedule—when homeschooled, you go by a schedule that works best for you and your family, no one else! If that means starting at lunch because you had to help your dad at the family’s bookstore before you could start school, then homeschooling is definitely for you!
  • Go at your own pace—this is one of the best perks (in my personal opinion, of course)! If you struggle in math and need to maybe take a little more than a year (or maybe two, I don’t know) to focus on Algebra, you are able to do that! If you really, really love science and you decide to do two weeks’ worth of it and end up finishing earlier than senior year, hoorah, hoorah! The point is, you go at your own personal pace, what makes YOU comfortable. Always be striving for better, never slacking, but don’t push yourself so hard that you buckle under the pressure.
  • High self-esteem—this is a tricky one, I must say, because no matter whom you are or where you go to school (home, public, or private) there’s always a chance that you’ll be bullied or may simply not have a good self-image of yourself. But, with that being said, many, many people agree that homeschoolers have higher self-esteems than public and private schoolers. Some of the most successful people in history and of today were homeschooled students, and they exceled beyond the world’s expectations! Also, in college, homeschoolers are proven to have the highest GPA scores. Just throwin’ that out there.
  • Choice—all of these boil down to one: choice. It is your choice to homeschool and how to do it. That is your right, and doesn’t it feel awesome to have the right to be in control of your education? Uh, yeah it does!

Check out Kerry Jones’ blog post “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Homeschooling High School” for more information!

Thank you so much, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask a homeschooler today! Have a fantastic week!


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May 30, 2013


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    Check out Easy Peasy Homeschool directory of free classes ect.

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