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LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com is partnering with College Prep Genius to offer 10 site members the opportunity to receive a free copy of High School Prep Genius to review.

High School Prep Genius gives parents answers to all the questions they ask about high school (and the questions they should ask)! Everything from transcript preparation to nailing the college interview, HSPG teaches how to turn a student’s high school career into a springboard for lifelong success! This is a guidebook to navigating through high school and beyond. Help your students maximize their opportunities and achieve their highest potential with the help of High School Prep Genius!


Book Features:
¬ College & Career Notebook
¬ 9th-12th Grade Student Timelines
¬ Advanced Study Tips
¬ 7th Grade Talent Searches
¬ Scholarship Ideas
¬ Key Admissions Terminology
¬ Extracurricular Activity Advice
¬ Healthy Lifestyle Skills
¬ Keys to Finding a Mentor
¬ Friend and Relationship Help
¬ Essay Writing Techniques
¬ College Admissions Guide
¬ Go to College for Free
¬ And More!

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June 16, 2013


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