Seven Lies About Homeschooling

Reprinted with permission from the blog “Keep Growing Beautiful” by homeschooled high schooler Sierra

After watching some messy Mondays I decided to address the lies brought up in this video….and then address some others  I think are believed as well.

(7)  Homeschoolers are really sheltered.  I would love not knowing who Lady Gaga was. Sure I was sheltered in Middle School and didn’t get the “talk” until I was maybe 13 (although I figured out something already) and sure I am sheltered from a lot of things because I don’t go to public school….but I do know a lot of things about the world and the entertainment world. I don’t feel sheltered at all. When I was younger, maybe. But not feeling pressured to have a boyfriend in 4th grade? I DO NOT MIND.
(6)  Homeschoolers go to Church seven days a week. Again, I agree with the video. We have more chances and freedom and less “seriously? what kind of a dork are you that you go to church????” experiences than kids in public/private/etc. school. But we don’t go to Church all the time. It’s true that I have a lot less pressure on my faith in many, many ways. But there are different people and different situations. Some homeschoolers may take more time to do Church activities because they feel led to do this in their free time. It’s a matter of calling and opportunity a lot of times. On another subject,  I have never been to a youth group because I haven’t found one I really like or want to join yet. I may have found one now and I’m thinking about going. I go to Church orientated activities twice a week. Church on Sunday morning and a Small group that I babysit for. It’s not all that different you know.
(5)  Homeschoolers don’t actually do school. This is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard. My parents are right there standing over me expecting me to do school. And once I’ve hit tween/teen years I realize how badly my school needs to get done and I want to get it done so I can have it done and get into a good college. Homeschoolers usually have a lot less chance of school not getting done because of how much more involved their teacher (a.k.a. parent) is with them. I know plenty of people who work extremely hard at their schoolwork and are soooo smart. Seriously.
(4)   Homeschoolers have no friends. Not true! This may have been more true when I was 8 and we had just recently moved and my sister had just had surgery so we were somewhat secluded….butt his was mainly because I hadn’t met anyone in our new area yet and hadn’t started any activities. I have many many friends and I have a bunch of fun with them. Just this weekend I spent 3 nights over at my best friends house. And yes she’s a homeschooler. In fact like 98% of my friends are homeschoolers. (including the ones online). Homeschoolers are great friends and we can always discuss a lot of the same things in our life. Plus, I have friends who are older and younger then me. Something my mom always loves to gloat about. That homeschoolers can “play” with almost any age child and be friends with them too. I love my bestie’s little sisters. I have a friend who is 2 yeas younger than me who is awesome. I have a friend who is several years older than me who likes being friends with younger girls because they are crazy.  So no, homeschoolers to have friends. And I’m perfectly fine with not having a million and not seeing them everyday. That would be fun, but so long as I see them pretty often I’m fine.
(3)   Homeschoolers are really shy. Not necessarily true. I was shy just as a person when I was younger but now I’m kinda crazy 😛 Like the video says, we have to go out of our way to make friends a little more than public schoolers do. And we have deeper relationships and friendships because of that!!!!
(2)   Homeschoolers have no lives. Yeah you go to school everyday…um not going to deeply into that. I’m leading a literature club this coming fall. I’m hopefully working out a sign & meet with a local author for the literature club and my library *crosses ingers* I love my friends, my books, my library, thrift store shopping, listening to 1D and I do English Country Dancing. Sounds kinda normal doesn’t it?
(1)  Do school in their pajamas. Not necessarily true for me…but in a lot of cases….yes 😀 And yeah it’s fun to sleep in late and not have to dress super nice (because family ain’t gonna hate XD)
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June 16, 2013


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