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Ask A Homeschooler

Hello, all! It’s Meghan from Reading, Writing and Homeschooling. Today I’m here to answer a question by Sequoia. She asks:

How do you take electives when you’re home schooled?

Well, you can take online classes if you’re interested in taking electives. You can also take co-op classes if there are any in your area. You’ll have to do some research about that, but it should be pretty easy if you use your favorite search engine. And you can use this handy curriculum list to help!

And, actually, they’re recommended for your high school transcript, so I’m glad you’re asking about it! If you want to learn more about what needs to be on you transcript or how many electives are recommended, check this out!

If you need help figuring out what kind of what electves to take, here is an article by Andrew to help you out! Figuring out what to take can be a pain. I hope that helps!


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November 18, 2013


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