How do you Know if Homeschooling is the Right Decision for you?


That’s a good question… and one that, in truth, can only be answered by the person taking the homeschool plunge! Everyone is different, has different learning styles, different needs, and different goals. Many would even assert that you really can’t “know” unless you try it. While it may contain some risk, I must agree. You never know what it is like unless you try it!

Everyone’s Homeschooling Needs are Different!

However, I can answer that question in light of the fact that there are often  “57 varieties” of reasons that cause individuals to end up wanting to homeschool. Some people just fall into it, some people are forced to homeschool due to health reasons, while others have determined to homeschool even before they have children. Your reason and your need will highly influence whether or not homeschooling is right for you. You will also need to determine which type of learner your child/you are and set up your homeschool education to play to those strengths. I love this article on the seven learning styles for high school.  If you don’t know about learning styles… this is a great place to start. It changed how I thought about education and homeschooling!

Take Homeschooling for a Test Drive!

Finally, in this amazing digital age that we live in… finding out more about homeschooling with minimal risk is easier than ever. I would suggest trying it out via online courses, or online texts before you actually commit. There are even some homeschool highschool free demos and some offer free sample pages of their textbooks. Many schools are offering a free online virtual school that is regulated by the local public school system.  Experience as much of homeschooling as you possibly can before you make the switch. Again, taking homeschooling for a “test drive” is really the only way to know if it will work for you.


Jamie Gaddy, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. has been a college education professor for over 17 years. Education has been an integral part of her life in both the classroom and as a principal. Six children later found her dissatisfied with traditional schooling and homeschooling became the better fit. She is also a pastor’s wife, remote project manager, and entrepreneur who now homeschools four of her six children (ages 11-17) in southern Georgia. Jamie loves to share about her homeschool experience and help other homeschoolers find success. Connect with her at [email protected]

April 2, 2014


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