High School Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Oh, if we could only sample every curriculum before purchasing. Or better yet, if we could try it for a few weeks to see if it’s going to be a good fit. But we usually can’t. And we often lose valuable money in the bargain. ((Insert long, exasperated sigh here)) The next best thing? ¬†Hearing what other parents and students have to say about a particular curriculum. That’s why we’re opening the High School Homeschool Curriculum Directory at LetsHsHs.com to individual reviews!! ¬†LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com has the web’s most comprehensive directory of curriculum for homeschooling high school, and no matter what program you’ve used, or want to use, it’s likely that we’ve included it. It would be a true service to fellow and future high school homeschooling families if you would take a few minutes and rate and/or review the curriculum you’ve used on your journey. Here’s how…



Step One…Search for curriculum

Search for your curriculum name in the curriculum search box in our left hand sidebar

search box


Step Two…Rate curriculum

Use the built in rating-system in the toolbox of your listing to easily leave a rating rating

Step Three…Review curriculum

Use the review option to go a step further and give specific feedback on a curriculum you’ve used

review image



By following these three simple steps, you would be helping out a TON of other homeschooling families who are in the same boat now that you were “back then”, when you weren’t sure whether the particular curriculum you were interested in was worth purchasing/subscribing to or not.

And we LHSHS’ers would like to thank you AHEAD OF TIME for helping us build the best source of curriculum listings/reviews anywhere on the world wide web!!


May 22, 2014


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