What Happens When…Memorial Day Rolls Around

This Monday was Memorial Day! With this in mind, I thought I’d make this week’s article all about it. There are a lot of things you can do on Memorial Day, and they’re all fun things! But it’s also a time to do some remembering and reflection about fallen soldiers, loved ones, and those whom you don’t know but who still risked their lives for your freedom. And if you aren’t American (as I am) this is still a fun article to show you how we “do things” here.


  • Barbeques are a big deal in my family. Burgers, hot dogs, and family-time are always a good thing as far as I’m concerned! So make sure to have fun with it and invite some friends to reminisce and talk! I’m going to a friend’s house actually, so there’s a lot to do at that point. Just remember to keep polite when at someone else’s house and to wear some red, white, and blue!


  • Arts and crafts are a good way to pass the time! With the obvious colors being red, white, and blue, there are a whole bunch of possibilities! If you’re thinking of a simple project, I like to get some construction paper and make an American flag! It’s a simply project, yes, but it’s a lot of fun and everyone (even the adults) can get into it! Or they can sit around and talk while you have all the fun!


  • If you’re really big on the remembrance part of this holiday, feel free to do something that commemorates that. There are always places with retired Veterans that you can go visit to make their day. And, if you were ever in Girl Scouts, you know that you can make cards for the soldiers who are deployed and ship them out. After all, Memorial Day is all about them.


  • Fireworks are one of my all-time favorite things to have on Memorial Day. Yes, the Fourth is also a great time to bring them out, but there’s nothing that says “party” like a few fireworks. Or even some sparklers and some friends! Just remember to stay a safe distance away from the fireworks, because sometimes they backfire and it’s better to be “safe than sorry”!


Memorial Day has always been a time of remembrance, but you can have fun too! It’s a celebration to honor the troops and the fallen. So fun in the sun is a must.


Meg is a self-proclaimed bookworm with a fascination for the written word and foreign languages. By the time she graduates, she hopes to have at least one of her on-going works published. To see Meg's book reviews, visit http://youngadultbookworm.wordpress.com/.

May 27, 2014


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