What Happens When…You Have A New Sibling

To commemorate my newest little sibling, I’m here to tell you what to do when you find yourself holding a crying baby in a blanket, whether it be for the first time or the second, third, fourth, or, fifth. Take it from a veteran, having a new sibling can be tiring. Especially if you’re older and able to help out more. So, what happens when you have a new sibling? And what can you really do to help?


Clean like your life depends on it, because if you’ve been around for a few babies, you know that the parents of said bundle of joy, are exhausted. And it’s likely that people will start to stop by once they find out that the baby was born. They’ll probably bring food or diapers or whatever it is that they think will be helpful. So clean up so your parents don’t complain about having the house messy when company comes over.

Keep your other siblings out of trouble, or watch the baby.

If you have other siblings, you’re obviously going to want to watch them carefully. This includes the baby as well, because your parents are likely going to want to take a shower and feed themselves, so you might be holding a wailing infant every once in a while.

Don’t complain.

This might seem like a dumb tip, but if you start complaining, it’s going to start getting annoying. And no one likes getting yelled at, so just don’t complain. Do what you can to help and don’t mention how much you did versus how much your siblings did, or how much your parents did. Don’t do that.

Take into consideration that you might not have that much Mom/Me or Dad/Me time.

This is normal, so don’t feel left out. Babies are high maintenance, and that’s just how it is. I seem to find that when the baby is being fed, you can talk to your Mom or Dad without the baby interrupting.

Look on the bright side.

Always look on the bright side, guys. I call my little brother the Little Blanket of Joy because, man, he’s cute. And he’s a joy when he’s in a good mood. So remember how cute they are, and how much you’re doing to help out your parents.

This week we strayed from the “homeschooling” aspect of everything and went more towards “helping out with new baby”. So I hope you get some use out of these tips! I mean, some of these tips are probably pretty dumb sounding, all considering. But, believe me, they help.


I’m off to go cuddle with my brother. Adios!



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July 14, 2014


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    Posted July 14, 2014 3:58 pm

    Awesome advice. :)

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