Free Columbus Day Study Resources

Columbus Day Resources for Unit Study

Columbus Day Unit Study Resources

Columbus Day and the celebration of Columbus can be a bit controversial… however, whether you teach about Columbus or around Columbus there are historical facts surrounding his voyage that opened the way for the settlement of America. During the month of October, it’s always a great time to learn more about the history surrounding this holiday.

Starting with the Library of Congress’ online exhibition of 1492: An Ongoing Voyage, your highschooler can get an in-depth look at the significance of this journey. This exhibit examines the people who lived in America prior to 1492 as well as those who arrived after.

Here is  Christopher Columbus’ personal journal during the year 1492. This is of course, written in old English and would be a great challenge for the older high school student.

Columbus Day Eyewitness History

Eyewitness History is always a great resource to use during a historical unit study. Our homeschool has enjoyed using this resource many times, and the information on Christopher Columbus Discovers the Americas is equally useful.

Getting the full picture of Christopher Columbus is part of an in-depth unit study. Seeing Columbus in a true light shows us that he wasn’t perfect and did things that we recognize as horrendous. In fact, even his own king and queen were against his enslavement of the indigenous American people. This course on Boundless about Spanish Exploration reveals many of these interesting facts.

Finally, this resource on Christopher Columbus would be a perfect short high school unit study. With challenging topics and covering detailed facts this course chapter would be useful for most upper highschool students.


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September 17, 2015


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