Why the PSAT really is a big deal!

why the psat is a big deal

Testing can strike fear in the mind of any student but if your homeschool student especially isn’t accustomed to test taking it can be an even bigger deal. Yet, if your student dreams of attending college then test taking is a necessary step in the process. A good way to start is with the PSAT. The Preliminary SAT is a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test administered by the College Board and also sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in the United States. Homeschool students are able to sign up through the public school system. It is typically taken in October by sophomores and juniors but freshmen can also take it.This test determines knowledge in reading and mathematics. 

What Are The Benefits of Taking the PSAT?

  1. Of course the experience of taking the PSAT itself would be beneficial for future test taking.Taking the test in your freshman or sophomore year can help prepare you for your junior year exam. The PSAT is heavily connected to the SAT and is meant to be a precursor to the SAT. The format is very similar in content, structure, and in scoring. 
  2. Junior year PSAT scores are used to apply for the National Merit Corporation.
  3. Your score also will help you qualify for distinctions and scholarships, which are recognized by colleges and universities.
  4. The PSAT can help students who want to improve the skills they currently have and make improvements in the areas that are more of a struggle. It can help students see which aspects need more practice.
  5. A good score can also help make a good impression with future colleges as in addition to SAT’s they also receive PSAT scores.

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October 17, 2019


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