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Jackie, a former public and private school teacher, enjoys homeschooling her 16 year old daughter via Time4Learning's new high school courses and other supplementals. Jackie keeps busy writing study guides, educational articles, and literature units for various online education companies as well as acting as an online marketing consultant. She is a contributing author at 3 D Learners.

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May Let’s Homeschool High School Blog Hop: Whew!

Happy May everyone! Jackie here from Let’sHomeschoolHighSchool.com. Whew! I think I can breathe now that the end is near. How about you? Take a breather and share your ‘whew’ feelings about the end of the 2013-2014 school year. What are you thankful for? What big lesson did you and the kids learn? What did you accomplish? Is […]

What If I Don’t Feel Qualified to Teach My High Schooler About Certain Subjects?

First, do not panic if you do not feel qualified to teach your high schooler about certain subjects. Not everyone does, so you are by no means alone. Ideas for Teaching a Tough Homeschool Subject Sometimes we just need a little encouragement to tackle a subject WE feel intimidated about teaching. Maybe it has been […]

Is Driver’s Ed Available to Homeschoolers?

You bet driver’s education is available to homeschoolers! Just before you are ready to begin learning to drive, contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to ascertain exactly how many class hours are needed and how many driving hours are needed. You will also want to be sure to find out what is considered acceptable […]

Do Homeschoolers Have to Take the ACT and SAT? If So, How?

The ACT and SAT are tests used by many colleges as a part of the admissions process. Students can begin taking the entrance tests starting in the eleventh grade regardless of how they are schooled. Who Has to Take the ACT or SAT? In the last several years, colleges have taken a much different stance […]

What Exactly is a High School Credit and How Do I Count It?

So, what exactly is a homeschool high school credit and how do I count it? Great question. A homeschool high school credit equates to the amount of work time spent on a particular academic course. This credit, along with others, is kept for the entire freshmen through senior high school years and is placed on […]

Blog Hop: High School Homeschool Summer Planning

Happy April everyone! Jackie here from Let’sHomeschoolHighSchool.com. Yikes! Summer is practically here. Can you believe it after all the winter snow? I like cooler weather, but snowmegeddan?!? Spring is perfect as far as I’m concerned. How about you? Are you looking forward to hotter weather? I know it might seem a little early to talk about […]

If I’m Thinking About Homeschooling High School, Where Should I Start?

“Help! I’m thinking about homeschooling high school and I don’t know where to start.” If this is you, relax! You are not alone. This is one of the most common questions asked by potential homeschoolers/homeschooling families.  Where Do I Start My Homeschool High School Search? The best place to start your homeschool high school search is with […]

The All New 2016 SAT

When you or your homeschooler thinks about college, chances are the SAT comes up in the conversation. Most people equate the SAT with college acceptance. The last time the SAT was revised was in 2005, so why now?   What is Behind the Changes? College Board President and CEO David Coleman says, “Admissions officers and […]

Let’s Homeschool High School March Blog Hop: Getting It All In

Happy March everyone! Jackie here from Let’sHomeschoolHighSchool.com. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy March is here and wamer weather is just around the corner. I am happily thawing out. How about you? Most of us have about three months left in this school year and LOTS of resources/curriculum we haven’t utilized yet. The […]

Let’s Homeschool High School February 2014 Blog Hop

Happy February everyone! Jackie here from Let’sHomeschoolHighSchool.com. February is the month for love, presidents, groundhogs, Black History, and tons of funky or bizarre things to celebrate and learn about. In honor of so many different happenings during February, this month’s focus is potluck! You get to choose what your post will be about. You might […]