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Thread: 17 yr dd w/add and aspergers, getting drivers lic.

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    Question 17 yr dd w/add and aspergers, getting drivers lic.

    Hi, I have a 17 year old who has add and asperger syndrome. My issue that I am having is that I feel that she is old enough to get her driverís license, but she shows no interest in studying for it. She says she wants it, but is not making any effort. I am concerned because she will be 18 next year and hopefully will be going to college or at least getting a job, but without a license she will be unable to do either. I am not sure if she is just being lazy or if maybe it's related to her disability. Thoughts?


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    I would just let her do it when she's ready. With my 6 kids - each one is so different. My oldest didn't really care and wasn't rushed. My second daughter wanted to drive before she was old enough. The next two up are twins... I'm afraid I might have to retire after they learn. But skipping to my youngest... who has some issues with Dyslexia and ADD... I can see her not wanting to be bothered.

    On the flip side - I'm not in any hurry to get my kids driving because of the cost of insurance!
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    I would just say give her the resources (such as the study manual) and explain to her the benefits of having her license (such as for driving to college and work and all that), as well as the wonderful freedom that comes with having the license. Then, just leave it in her hands, perhaps with some check-up questions here or there, such as, "How's the studying going?" "Need any help studying?" "If you are ever confused about something in the manual, just ask, I'll be happy to help," etc, which may help encourage her to go for the license. I hope this helps!

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    I think many, MANY kids today aren't in any hurry to get their license. My sons have friends who are almost 20 and still don't have theirs! If public transportation (including Uber) is an option where your daughter will be going to school, maybe she'd be more interested in learning all the ins and outs of that, instead, so she could travel to a job easily enough. If public transportation isn't feasible, then you may need to push her along and insist, but check all her options first.
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