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    What is your favorite music? Bands? Singers? I want to find some new, awesome music to rock out to!

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    This is such an embarrassing favorite genre of music, but I just love chiptune. It's music designed to sound similar to the "chipset" music you'd find in old video consoles and computer systems like the Amiga/Commodore. Here's a great one.

    My other favorite type of song is stuff like this. Not sure what the general "genre" for that is. Folk?

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    My favorite band (well, group) is VoicePlay (an accapela group of 5 guys). There are AMAZING. I also LOVE Adam Lambert, Pentatonix, Ronan Parke, and Vienna Teng. Oh, some lesser knowns that are good are Luke Potter, Late Nite Reading, and BOY. Of course, Michael Buble is fantastic as well.

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    I have to admit, my favorite artist is Michael Jackson. Take away all the speculation surrounding him, and he is just an incredible artist and genius. So obviously, my favorite genre is pop. I also really like rock, jazz, instrumental, and basically everything out there except country and bluegrass. I actually don't mind Taylor Swift nowadays, so I guess country without a twang isn't a problem. It's just the twang that I *really* don't like. haha

    I also really like tobyMAC, Avril Lavigne, Rebecca St. James, Jonah 33, Disciple, and more.

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