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Thread: Reasons against homeschooling?

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    Reasons against homeschooling?

    Im hopefully going to be doing online schooling starting this fall! My mom said yes but I need to get my dads approval first. So I've presented the topic I him a few times but he was really against it. Now Im giving this one last shot before school starts to present it to him. I've showed him the pros and the cons, what my daily routine would be, what classes I would take, when I would start and finish each class, etc. Since he already knows all of this and still isn't changing his opinion I would like to know in your opinion what you think are the ultimate cons and the reasons you have against online or distance education? I would like to see all the points he could make and all the questions he may have so I can be prepared and figure out a solution before I talk to him. So in your opinion what are the ultimate cons, and reasons you may have or reasons others you know may have against distance education? Thank you so much in advance!

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    Hi there,

    Well it sounds like you've covered the topic really well. It's nice to hear about someone who wants something enough to work hard for it. Some cons I can think of for distant education might be:

    -Internet distraction
    -Lack of a social life
    -Time differences for getting help from teachers and counselors
    -No face to face with a teacher (even if there is video opportunities, it's still not face-to-face)
    -No school sports/music/drama/theater opportunities
    -Possible lack of focus
    -Having to take standardized tests at schools other than the one you're studying through

    Hope this helps!

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