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Thread: Algebra 2 and Geometry Curriculum Needed for a Camp

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    Algebra 2 and Geometry Curriculum Needed for a Camp

    I am the teacher liaison for two different wilderness camps that work with troubled teens. For math the youth work through math books that are designed for home schooling purposes. We are running into a problem finding a books for some of the higher level classes. For everything else we use the Key to Series... and love it. Our main concerns with a curriculum is that the youth can carry it around camp with them or on a hiking trip and there is no computer/online/DVD components of it. The two main classes we are needing are Algebra 2 and Geometry. Any suggestions for curriculum would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    i know there are some older textbooks sometimes recommended, but i cant remember . . Lials is one of them? What about the dummies books? Its true their arent a lot of curriculum by that point that dont have an electronic component. I've used the upper level Singapore, but they arent split neatly in to subjects like american schools. Life of Fred splits nicely, but it tends to go somewhat light on practice and teaching. Art of Problem Solving is a favorite among high achievers, but its pretty challenging and the website does have accompanying videos.

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