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Thread: Jobs that don't require 4-year degrees

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    Jobs that don't require 4-year degrees

    I've been following a couple different blogs written by high school graduates who skipped the college thing and decided to take their own path. One has always been fascinated by plants and health and has created her own naturopathic type business. The other one is a volunteer with WWOOF (organic farm exchange program) with hopes to run his own farm someday.

    Other than farmer or naturopath, I'd love to create a list of jobs that don't require a four year degree. Could you weigh in? If we get lots of responses, I'll "stick" this post so it can serve as a resource.
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    My son wants to be a chef, and has since he was about 5 (he's 14 now). As far as we can tell, he will not need a college degree, but will of course need culinary arts training. That's more of a trade school thing, than a college thing.

    I'm interested to see what other career paths don't necessarily start with a college degree...

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    There are lots of jobs that don't require a 4 year degree, but many will require some experience in the area.

    This site lists the top 20 along with average salary, income growth, and employment growth.

    20 Great Jobs Without a College Degree |

    The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs That Donít Require 4 Years Of College

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