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Thread: How do you get the teens together?

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    How do you get the teens together?

    Well basically its either sports thru the town (which we recently moved to the country so that may be tricky), or random activities that I plan thru our inclusive local homeschool group. But I am wanting something more for the oldest...I can't get other teens to commit to a regular outings (bowling,movies,mini golf or just plain hanging out). What have you all done to get your teen around others? Thinking since he is almost 17 a job might be the best bet but I don't know
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    We haven't found an answer for this either. Dd gets together with other teens through our hs group but that is all organized activities. So far there has been nothing outside of that. There just aren't as many teens hsing here.

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    We have the same problem, not many teens, homeschooling or not, around us either. DD does sometimes get a random opportunity to meet up with other teens via her anime groups, but it's very rare.

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