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  7. As homeschoolers, what is your preferred method of listening to music?
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  17. How do YOU spend your holiday time?
  18. Which subject is the hardest for you?
  19. Things homeschooling lets you get away with....
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  23. Grand Unified Meaninglessness, or: Why People Can't Do Math
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  41. Summer plans?
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  45. What do you like learning about most?
  46. CLEP Testing
  47. Motivation
  48. Favorite and Least Favorite Subjects
  49. Strict schedule, or not?
  50. Dealing with the stereotype
  51. College Financial Aid seems like a huge barrier... we need help?
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  53. Subjects you love but aren't good at?
  54. High School Transcripts for Homeschool: Thoughts...?
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