Homeschool Friendly Colleges and Universities

Homeschool Friendly Colleges

In today’s world of competitive college admissions and Ivy League challenges the homeschooler can often feel a little lost. Yet, the good news is that over the past decade homeschooling has finally come into its own! Yes, that’s right, homeschoolers are receiving the recognition that they deserve…and colleges and universities across the country are now actively seeking homeschoolers and encouraging them to apply.

With this shift in college admissions, there are usually clear guidelines delineated on the college’s website which make it easy for the homeschooler to understand and comply with each college’s particular homeschool admission requirements. Though there are colleges that still don’t seem to applaud homeschoolers, the bulk of U.S. colleges and universities do. This makes the college transition for the homeschool high school student much easier!

To help you see which colleges have extended a warm welcome to homeschoolers we’ve compiled a list of homeschool friendly colleges. We don’t even attempt to claim that this list is comprehensive because we learn of new colleges and universities every day that are shifting their position in regards to homeschoolers. But, to get you started, we have several exciting resources to help you find your perfect fit college.

Directory of Homeschool Friendly Colleges

Homeschool Friendly Colleges by State with Descriptions