Homeschooling High School

Many parents convince themselves that they can successfully homeschool their elementary school children.  A decent number of parents decide that they will either continue homeschooling through middle school, or choose to pull their students from traditional school to homeschool as their student hits middle school.  Fewer parents decide to homeschool their high school students.  Let’s look at a couple of reasons for that.

Homeschooling High School

One reason parents are hesitant to homeschool their high school student is that there is a perception that high school is hard to homeschool.  While the course work is more involved, and the student and teacher need to dig deeper for a better understanding of the course work, it is not really difficult.  There is a misguided memory of high school classes taking all day long, and then almost as many hours spent studying at home in the evening.

The good news here is that it does not have to take all day, and all evening to get a good high school education.  When you are homeschooling high school, the amount of time a course takes to complete is totally dependent on the student, rather than on a whole class of students.  There is also not the need to take the instructional part of the course separate from the hands on part of the course.  This means that there is not a lot of additional homework type of work.

A second reason parents are hesitant to homeschool high school is that there is a concern that the materials for instruction will be difficult to come by, or very expensive.  With the introduction of the World Wide Web instruction materials are only a click away, either free on the internet, or for a fee through publishers and online retailers.  Your student even has access to classes online, so even if the parent is not comfortable teaching a certain course, say physics or calculus, the student can still receive instruction in that course.

What about the social aspect of homeschooling high school?

As much as homeschoolers would like to say that the education is the most important part of homeschooling high school, there is more to high school than books and formal instruction.  There is a social aspect that allows the student to practice some of the mores and traditions that prepare them for the real, adult world.  This includes such activities as volunteering, community involvement, as well as simply having fun.

Fortunately, the flexibility of homeschooling high school allows students to arrange their school and social calendars to participate in activities when they happen.  For example, if a club that includes adults as well as their peers might meet in the daytime, homeschoolers usually can rearrange their class schedule to participate.  This can be a great bonus because it allows the homeschooler to take advantage of opportunities that are not available to traditionally educated students.

Naysayers on the subject of homeschooling high school often cite missing the Prom as an argument for traditional school participation.  While this is not a pressing social issue, be assured that many homeschool organizations, support groups, and cover schools host proms, yearbook teams, clubs, field trips and other social rites of passage for high school students.  One of those activities is often a graduation ceremony and many homeschool organizations have those, complete with cap and gown.

You can homeschool high school!

It is important to know that your homeschooled high school student can get the necessary course work for high school even if you are not comfortable teaching all of the courses.  Online courses, tutors, and community colleges offer a wealth of instruction that the parent might not be comfortable teaching on their own.

Many homeschool organizations and cover or umbrella schools offer high school diplomas.  The stigma that used to go along with not having a recognized diploma when a student has finished the high school course is almost a non-issue now.  Many colleges and universities accept homeschool diplomas on equal footing with traditional high school diplomas.  The military and many employers are also accepting homeschool diplomas without hesitation.

As more students are homeschooling through high school many of the problems that used to exist for homeschool students are disappearing.  More services are available to today’s homeschooled high school student, and more opportunities exist.  There are great support groups online both for the homeschooled student as well as the parents of those students.  You can homeschool high school!