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Jimmie Lanley is the mother of one creative teenaged daughter. Living abroad in China necessitated the original choice to homeschool. But now that she and her family are back in Tennessee, Jimmie can't imagine any other way to educate her high schooler. Jimmie's Collage is where she blogs about homeschool. In the early years, Jimmie's lesson plans were full of hands-on activities and lapbooks. As the years passed, she began using more and more notebooking and became so passionate about the method that she created her second blog, The Notebooking Fairy. That site features free notebooking printables and how-tos plus the affordable eBook guide Notebooking Success. Jimmie is co-owner of iHomeschool Network, a social media company.

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The “Get it Done” Approach to High School

  Do you feel badly that you don’t love doing dishes or washing the car? Of course not. You know these tasks have to be done, but you don’t particularly enjoy them. You probably take a get it done approach … Read more

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4 Reasons You Must Include Teens in the High School Planning Process

By the time your children reach high school, you should be involving them in the planning process for homeschool. Especially if they have been homeschooled for several years leading up to senior high, they need to be given ownership of … Read more

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Starting the Homeschool High School Journey

I am just starting my journey with homeschooling high school, and as the mom of an only child, I have just once chance to get it right. Although I don’t have any experience looking¬†backwards, I have four years of anticipation … Read more

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